Long Lasting Microblade Effect Eyebrow Pencil

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The microblade effect eyebrow pen creates flawless, long-lasting, defined brows without the permanence of true microblading.

The revolutionary ink stain formula and brush tip create precise, hair-like strokes. It's the ultimate temporary solution for pro-level faux brows. No need to commit to the pain and cost of eyebrow tattooing.


With this pen, brows look completely natural and last up to three days. Full, youthful brows are within reach!

Gray-brown is suggested for brunettes with brown eyebrows and some blondes. If you are blonde-haired with ashy undertones, choose Brown.
 is suggested for strawberry blondes and redheads. It has red undertones.
Natural gray is suggested for those with medium-dark brown hair with nearly black eyebrows, those with black hair, and those with grey hair. 


24 hours waterproof,long-wear, easy to color smudge-proof.
Fine sketch, tattoo sense of super durable.
Apply the pen to draw the contour of the eyebrow and continue to color inside evenly along with the brow shape you draw the last step for creating the vivid and natural eyebrows.
45-degree angle evenly to create the perfect 3D eyebrows.

Start with clean, dry brows. Shake the pan a few times with the cap closed. Scribble the tip of the pen around your wrist or hand to get the ink flowing the first time you use it. 
Take the cap off and begin filling in the brows, starting at the inner portions towards the nose. Use light pressure and a flicking motion. To achieve a darker effect, apply multiple layers.
Let dry for a couple of minutes and go about your day! To remove, use a make-up remover or let the brows gradually fade over the course of a few days.
Image result for microblading before after 

Doesn't smudge
Lasts up to three days
Easy to apply
Microblade pen
Three shades available to suit most hair colors
Looks natural, like you were born with it!
Microblading — Amy Kendall

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